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LA Riot!

talk about whatever whenever

Theres gotta be somethin goin on in this city
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Hi everybody this community was started by xSTAYxTRUEx out of pure boredom. But who says that being bored can't spring ingenious.

The goal of this lil community is to get a bunch of people who are from the immediate LA area to get along and talk about whatever and every now and then talk about parties comin up that seem like they'll be fun.

This however does not have to be limited to parties. It can be but is not limited to: Shows, Festivals, Carnivals, Fights, KickBacks or just about anything fun to do.

The only rule thingy is that I want this to be a chain of friends so I will invite one person to join me in this whole community thing, and then they will invite one of their friends and I will let them in and so on and so on until this board groes into an angry party crashing mob. :)

So hang in there for now and ill get this thing rollin...